Going to watch that long awaited for movie at the cinema has been an activity loved by scores of people for many years. However, is the ease of TV viewing beginning to outweigh a night out at the cinema?

With the economic climate determining what we are doing in our free time, there are more people choosing to spend their hard earned money on purchasing new and better TV technology rather than spending it on visiting the cinema. With all the improved TV equipment and the comforts of our own home it is now easy to say goodbye to those who forget to turn off their mobile phones whilst at the cinema and say hello to pause, rewind and volume control.

High Definition TV is a relatively new invention that has brought us closer to the cinematic experience in our own homes. A High Definition TV can produce a picture with up to five times more detail than a regular TV. Put this together with the best in surround sound and you could feel like your sitting in the front row of a cinema whilst watching your favourite show or movie. New flat screen televisions have given us the look of a cinema screen and with screen sizes continuously growing it can also feel as big as a cinema screen. There are numerous types of electronic products on the market to give even the most dedicated cinema goer the choice to transform their living space into their own personal cinema.

Not only is the technology of today steering us away from the cinema but also the big movie stars are having an influence on this. Many of the stars are deciding to leave behind the glamour of the big screen and are switching to lead roles in TV sitcoms and dramas. The global exposure of television now is luring some of the best loved movie stars to the small screen. Some of the world’s best film directors are also making the switch. Rather than working on a feature film they are opting to work within television writing scripts and directing episodes of our favourite shows.

The days of bad reception, picture and sound are over with the introduction of larger TV screens, surround sound and the new HD Box. TV is no longer seen as the poor man’s theatre and is slowly making its way higher up the entertainment hierarchy.