The history of world movies goes back to the end of the 1800’s. It is now more than 200 years that the world of cinema has had the chance to develop through many experiments and innovations. Technology has been one of the major contributing factors to the development of world cinema. From the very start of world cinema the hearts of millions have been captured by its magic.

The world cinema journey began in silence. Movies were created without sound as the technology of sound was not available at the beginning. A device did not exist that could synchronise sound with the picture. Cinema remained silent for the first thirty years until sound technology was developed late in the 1920’s.

The world of cinema was quite unorganised in the first ten years of its life although gradually over a short time the industry established itself. Movies that contained one shot and produced by just one person began to be taken over by movies that were a few minutes long, had various scenes and were produced by larger companies with professional methods.

Probably the most successful movie making company was in the USA. They had the largest production group until 1900. This company produced a lot of peep show kind of movies which was done with the help of a machine called Mutoscope. France was the next country to show it’s calibre in the world cinema field. France was home to one of the first companies to shoot scenes for a movie outside of the studio and they also sent cameramen to shoot films all over the world. The biggest producer in France was Georges Meilies who started to use trick effects in 1898.

The first camera used in movies were tied or fixed to a tripod. All the early movie cameras were completely fixed whilst taking film shots. Camera movements were done by mounting the movie camera onto a moving vehicle.

The history of world cinema has undergone a long course of research, creation and application of new techniques. Numerous methods have been tested and applied to give film making a place in the finest of performing arts across the globe.