Movie Details
IMDB: Rating: 6.5
Genres: Animation, Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Thriller
Runtime: 110 min
Rating: 15 - No admittance to children under the age of 15.
Director: Haruo Sotozaki
Stars: Zach Aguilar, Laila Berzins, Kira Buckland
Plot: Tanjiro finds himself eye-to-eye on a strong upper rank demon, Gyutaro, and it is his goal to defeat him with all his comrades. Upon getting stabbed under his chin, he barely slices his head off at the same time Zenitsu sliced Daki. Because of the upper moon's defeat, the demon leader, Muzan, assembles the rest of the upper moons in the infinity castle to discuss the situation. Afterwards, there was a flashback regarding the mysterious Tanjiro-like swordsman that Muzan fears. Tanjiro then wakes up from a 2-month long coma, and seemed to have that flashback during that time frame. To end off the movie, Tanjiro meets the new Hashira that are introduced, Mitsuri Kanroji, the love Hashira, and Muichiro Tokito, the mist Hashira.